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A Quest Of Knights Onrush v1.1.1

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A Quest Of Knights OnrushA Quest Of Knights OnrushA Quest Of Knights OnrushA Quest Of Knights OnrushA Quest Of Knights Onrush

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This is a promo game made based on Knights Onrush characters and graphics - it's free and fully functional. However, it's totally different kind of a game. You control one character and your mission is to force through hordes of enemies using your sword.

Fight knights, swordsmen, wizards and ballistas, take advantage of the leveling system, do your best to fight as far as you can. Go and kill them all.

If you like this game, support us by checking Knights Onrush - our "stick figures flicking castle defense game" - part of the gameplay is actually included in this build, too.

Spread the word around the world - we'll consider making improved version of this game according to amount of interest in this free game - actually, based on amount of downloads and your precious feedback.

Remember, this is a spin-off of the original game called Knights Onrush. It has different gameplay. Think Zombieville with knights and swords on steroids, or Castle Crashers.

Search "Knights Onrush" on the App Store to see the original game. 限时免费应用尽在苹果i派党

The premium version will include:

- Multiple levels with different backgrounds and enemies.
- More enemies, objects, abilities.
- 3 different heroes to choose from, each with unique abilities and leveling system.
- Better AI.
- Bosses.
- Online scores.

A Quest Of Knights Onrush is developed by MoreGames Entertainment and published by Chillingo Ltd

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