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幻想奇迹-幻想奇迹挂机私服 v1.0

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You, call Sue hotaru eu, this is one of the modern carefree white-collar aircraft landing on the island has been on a business trip, you met past you, instead of your past life, you go back to the past to be people who'll hurt you, one by one double return.
The palace line
Su yingwei: "I... I'm suya It's also the family of su I want you to hurt me one by one!
Feng mi: "at all costs, vow to protect the queen of su!"
Ling feng: "oneself all can not control, return protect her, ha ha ha.. "
River's lake line
Su yingwei: "you Why on earth would you bring me here... Why are you indoctrinating me! I don't want to be your puppet! I don't want to be a killer! Let me go! Come on, come on I can't hold up "
????? ":" shut up!

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