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Just Rain v3.4

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Just RainJust RainJust RainJust RainJust RainJust RainJust Rain

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  • v3.4版本新功能
Just Rain is a soothing audiovisual rain simulator. Listen to varying degrees of rain sounds from gentle drizzle to intense downpour -- controlled by a simple drag of your finger. Just Rain also features stereo audio panning and a visual rain simulation. Use it to relax, to meditate, to study, or as a sleep aid!

Free Features include:

*Clock*: A simple clock with a date and time readout.
*Mute Sounds*: Turns off all rain sounds/noise for a purely visual display.

Extended Features include:

*Wander Mode*: Just Rain will change the intensity and direction of the rain sounds over time. Useful for creating varied and constantly changing noise while you sleep.
*Auto-dim*: Sets a timer that will dim the display after 5 minutes.
*Extra Thunder*: A mode that adds additional thunder sounds to Just Rain.
*Sleep Timer*: Sets a timer that turns the app off after one hour. This feature is useful if you’d like to avoid using your phone’s battery life after you’ve fallen asleep. 果粉新闻
*Monochrome Mode*: A striking black and white (greyscale) mode for Just Rain!

(c) 2018 ROBYSOFT -- Just Rain uses sounds from freesound, for the full list see here:

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