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Princess Camera Princess Camera (公主照相机) v4.0

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Princess CameraPrincess CameraPrincess CameraPrincess CameraPrincess Camera

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You can make a beautifully white and sparkling photograph of yourself by Princess Camera.
Every one hopes to be lovely in the picture.
Your wish may come true with this application.

It is very easy to use.
First, you make a setting on how much you want to be white and sparkling.
Then, what you have to do is take a picture and find how gorgeous and beautiful your picture is.

More than this;
You can attach your paintings and decorations on your brand-new picture.
You can also use a lot of tools like cute pens, stamps and frames, coming with this application.
It can change the painted lines to make the picture to be more like you.
And more, you are able to arrange everything, as you can make your original stamps for yourself.

You will just save your photographs if you don’t have enough time for painting.
Take your time and paint them later, by reading the data into the application.
Of course, you can read pictures you have taken before.

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Please take this opportunity, and try and use Princess Camera.
Enjoy creating pictures as cute as can be, and play with yourself in your pictures.


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