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SEED 2 SEED 2 - Vortex of War v1.0.3

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SEED 2是关于战争,爱情和冒险的动作RPG。是在App Store上最引人入胜和强大的游戏之一。 这次litta来到了曾经明亮,繁华但现在已经完全被战争摧毁的城市Moizer,另一个危机正从遥远的国度接近。加入他们在Kalikuf危险的冒险活动吧!  
SALE PRICE FOR 2 WEEKS ONLY!!! SEED 2 is an action RPG about war, love, and adventure. This epic sequel is one of the most engrossing and powerful gaming experiences on the App Store. Five years have passed since Litta’s last adventure and he is now a teacher, one night however, a powerful dream encourages Litta to undertake another epic quest. They travel to the once bright and bustling city of Moizer, now almost completely destroyed through war; another crisis is approaching from distant lands. Join Litta and Gina in their dangerous adventure in Kalikuf! IT’S YOUR HERO Choose which character attributes to upgrade as you progress on your adventure. Mould your character to be the hero you desire; adjust your stats toward swordplay, firearms, or magic. Every item of equipment you wear changes your costume; customize your equipment to get the style you want! INCREDIBLE BATTLES High speed and seamless battles await you with over 160 kinds of monsters to overcome on over 200 battlefields! A variety of attack moves, including firearm attack plus a powerful dash attack, make for diverse and dynamic combat that never gets old. VARIED QUESTS No two missions are the same as your duties range from destroying vicious monsters, collecting treasures, delivering valuable goods, offering protection to those who need it, taking on whole enemy fortresses and much, much more! Explore the enormous continent, home to 24 colorful and characteristic villages and solve every quest. EVER-CHANGING ENVIRONMENT In the huge continent of Kalikuf the monsters are not the only obstacles that stand in your way. The weather will affect the way you play the game. Best wrap up warm and be careful not to freeze in the cold! LEADERBOARDS AND MORE Compete on the integrated Crystal leaderboards against tons of other players!


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